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Trademarks form a major component of a company’s branding. As a marker of identity and quality of a company’s goods and services, trademarks make up some of the most valuable assets that a company can own. Our team’s broad experience in trademark matters covers the entire spectrum of trademark protection, from initial filing and prosecution through to renewal and maintenance of trademarks, enforcement, litigation, and dispute resolution.

Going the extra mile for our clients, we also provide expert counsel in commercialising your trademark, allowing you to capitalise on your corporate branding power.

Trademark Registration

Why Should You Register?

Be Unique & Stand Out By Preventing Others From Using Your Name / Logo

Through a registered trademark, you can protect your branding (or “mark”) by restricting other people from using your name or logo etc.

Register Your Trademark
& Add Value to Business

It is very common for our customers to identify our products or services through the way our Trademarks are used. All of us would agree that branding is important for our business growth.

Time-Consuming Mistakes

Applying for trademark protection can be a lengthy and complicated process. The strategy for filing your trademark can have a huge impact on your business in the next 10 or 20 years.

Get A Legal Firm Which Specializes in Intellectual Property Protection to Help You

When it comes to Copyright or Intellectual Property Protection, you have an option of either doing your own IP filing or getting some agents to help you with it. However, at Chung Chambers, we can offer all rounded professional legal advice which will give you a better overall picture to help you make the best decision.

Register The Right Type of Intellectual Property

It is very common for most people to not be able to really quantify the benefits of registering an industrial design initially, and many might be frustrated by the process of registration. Sometimes, business owners get very confused because the industrial design law and registration process may vary in different countries.

Register Your
Trademark & Business Name

Trademark Your Business Name, Logo, Brand & Slogan

Register Your

Trademark & Business Name

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