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Arbitration, An Alternative Resolution to Intellectual Property Disputes Consult Arbitration Lawyer for Legal Advice on Dispute Resolution

Court Proceedings is NOT the Only Solution

When it comes to a dispute with regard to intellectual property contracts, litigation court proceedings is not the only way to resolve the dispute. Arbitration is a non-judicial process for the settlement of disputes wherein an independent third party – an arbitrator – makes a decision that is binding.

Draft A Better Agreement – Include Arbitration Clause in Your Agreement

When a dispute arises, an Arbitration Lawyer would be able to review your case and assess if arbitration is possible or if it is necessary to move towards court proceedings. When drafting your new IP agreement, it is also important to get the arbitration lawyer to review and include a relevant and accurate arbitration clause or agreement so that this could be one of the resolution methods when a dispute arises in the future.

Why Chung Chambers

Why Arbitration is a Preferred Choice
for IP Dispute Resolution?

Arbitration is generally more efficient and flexible. It is also private and confidential in nature and thus the media and public cannot attend hearings and proceedings. The final decisions are not published too unless parties consented.

The Arbitral procedure and the nationality of the arbitrator can be neutral to law, language and culture of the parties. Usually, a single proceeding would be able to resolve simple disputes. Court litigation has multiple proceedings under different laws & jurisdiction and sometimes conflicting results arise.

In general, it has certain advantages compared to court litigation. For instance, the parties can choose their preferred arbitrator who has the relevant expertise in delivering the decision after hearing the disputes between parties, i.e. choosing your own judge. This is particularly important if the dispute is technical in nature.

You may read further about arbitration at WIPO. To get advice if it is possible for your situation to resolve via arbitration proceedings, consult the arbitration lawyer.

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