Safeguard Your Intellectual Assets, Open Up Opportunities

Asset is no longer limited to physical goods & properties; an invention or an idea is also an asset that can be registered and protected. For most companies, may it be a Startup, an SME or a Corporation – a new innovation or invention is the key to opening up a whole new market and generating good income for the company.

Get Exclusive Rights to Lock Competitor Out

You have spent years and millions of dollars in investment to develop a product or a feature for your company. But the moment you share your invention, your competitor steals your idea. Registering your intellectual property is the right way to protect your asset.

Enhance Products & Invent Market Value

A unique idea or invention that people love is the way to build a profitable business. The unique product / feature that your company can offer is a competitive advantage & better value – only if it is protected. Getting the right person to help you register your IP is essential to protect your company’s revenue.

Get Exclusive Rights to Lock Competition Out

Chung Chambers is led by Patricia who has years of experience under her belt in the law & intellectual property related field. The value, experience & passion towards intellectual assets that we bring to the table will definitely be of tremendous help to you.

“I’ve An Invention & Idea… Now What?”

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Specialized Intellectual Property Services

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Applying copyright protection can be a very long and complicated process. Get started with the right partner who will give you a peace of mind that expression of idea including  but not limited to your artwork is protected through the right process.

registered trademark


Applying for trademark protection can be a lengthy and complicated process. The strategy for filing your trademark can have a huge impact on your business in the next 10 or 20 years. Work with a reliable partner could assist you for your future business strategy plans without unnecessary mistakes.

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Patent Registration & Protection

Registering a patent grants exclusive rights of the product, process, method or even design in certain countries by adding value to your IP and prevent unnecessary expenses to its creator. But where do you get started? Chung Chambers provides help & gives the right advice on the legal aspect & strategy to generate income.


Industrial Design

So you just created a product that looks great! But if it is not protected yet, your competitor can use it anytime. Now is the right time to register & protect it under industrial design which would give you ownership of the design.

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Leverage your intellectual property to generate income & expand your business quickly and more flexible. Getting the right advice from Chung Chambers can help to speed up the process of getting protected.

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Thinking of growing your brand and still having control over the operations? The legal work & paper work behind it can be an obstacle for your business. Chung Chambers is the right firm you can work with to expand your business.


Corporate Legal Advice

On-Demand legal advice service will help you in drafting contracts & reviewing them to protect your company when you’re dealing with major contract agreements with others which is holding you back to strike balance in protecting your basic right & at the same time not ruin your deals.

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Arbitration is another option when come to dispute resolutions for intellectual property contracts. Find out your available option and which one best suits your situations best.

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