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Our litigation team specialises in a broad array of contentious matters, from bankruptcy, debt recovery, corporate & commercial disputes, construction, defamation, & consumer claims.

Other than traditional litigation, our dedicated lawyers also have in-depth experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practice, including mediation and arbitration, and negotiation, which are seeing increasing popularity as cost-effective and more expeditious options to conventional court proceedings. The litigation department rounds off our comprehensive suite of IP legal services in handling our IP litigation matters.

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Litigation Lawyer generally deals with dispute resolution when a dispute arise between both parties. Normally, the role involve preparation of court documents, analysis of claims, negotiating and representation at trial when necessary.

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Represented Numerous Corporate For Local & International IP Cases​

Ms Patricia Chung from Chung Chambers has a great experience in the intellectual properties matters and corporate litigation. Prior to setting up the firm, she is an in-house corporate attorney in a Singaporean-based Corporate Company for 2 years. At that role, she report direct to the CEO and also provide legal advice to the Board of Directors.

With her past experience in dealing with local and overseas multinational companies, she then represented many of her corporate clients for local and international IP cases such as Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Design, Copyright, Licensing, Branding, Ownership Assignments, IP Strategy and IP Management, may it be litigious or uncontested.

Well Verse In Local & Oversea Jurisdictions​

At Chung Chambers, our clients can be rest assured that our dispute resolution advice will be at their company best interest, may it be going for an arbitration or litigation. We adopts the most effective and commercially viable option for all our clients.

With a great understanding of the nature of litigation in Malaysia and Oversea Jurisdictions, the firm assists clients in deriving an effective strategies and alternative resolution to speed up the process and maximum recoveries.

Sometimes, Arbitration Can Be An Alternative & A Better Solution​

In view of our in-depth knowledge and experiences in the intellectual properties matters, we are involved in numerous cases in the enforcement of copyright, trademark, patent, industrial design, both pursuing and defending. On a case to case basis, we will advise our clients to opt for an arbitration process and of course we would explained in great details the pros and cons for each approach

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