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We also offer expert advice in the protection of the visual aesthetics of your designs. For industrial designs, the scope of protection covers the shape, configuration, pattern, or ornament applied to your product, whether two- or three-dimensional.

Can’t Differentiate between Industrial Design, Copyright & Patent?

An industrial design is just another form of intellectual property protection. When you are confused about the different IP categories, Chung Chambers can tell you exactly the 5W1H (Why, What, Why, Who, Where and How) of whether in your situation you should register as an Industrial Design, Copyright or Patent.

Industrial Design Registration

Why Should You Register?

Industrial Design Law Protects Unique Appearance of Products

In general, an industrial design protects any original design consisting of a unique shape, pattern or ornament, which is external in form and industrially applicable.

If the new designs can be visually seen to be unique in shape of external form, you will be eligible to register and protect your design under the Industrial Design Law. Sometimes, some can even be protected under copyright law too. Consult IP Lawyer for advice on which IP identity best suits your situation.

Add Commercial Value to New Products & Increase Marketability

Industrial design registration will protect an appealing shape or pattern which will add significant commercial value to your product. This will result in an increase in the marketability of your new products. Therefore, it would be crucial that you prevent other people from copying and replicating it.

Provide Fair Return on Investment, Promote Fair Competition

When an industrial design is registered and protected, it helps to ensure a fair return on investment to companies. An effective system of protection also benefits consumers and the public at large, by promoting fair competition in the market as well as honest trade practices.
Register The Right Type of Intellectual Property

It is very common for most people to not be able to really quantify the benefits of registering an industrial design initially, and many might be frustrated by the process of registration. Sometimes, business owners get very confused because the industrial design law and registration process may vary in different countries.

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