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Copyright protection extends to creative works such as novels, paintings, sculpture, songs, software codes, and films. We provide in-depth and systematic advice on copyright protection of your original creative works, comprising literary, musical, and visual arts, computer software, and audiovisual works to ensure that your rights as the author of your works are safeguarded from infringement.

Gain Exclusive Rights Over Your Creative Work & Gain Income When Others Use It

Copyright puts the author’s name on his original work, such as literary, musical, or artistic pieces as well as photography, film or broadcast. It gives the author the exclusive rights to reproduce, adapt, distribute, perform and display the work. Thus, in order to use your creative work, people have to pay you.

Avoid Time Consuming Mistakes With Step by Step Guidance

Copyright Protects “The Expression of An Idea”, It DOES NOT protect the idea itself. So it is important to get started with the right understanding about copyright.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will provide you with step by step instructions and guidance throughout the whole drastic process of copyright protection and therefore save you from the trouble of making unnecessary mistakes which will usually being discovered during enforcement stage.

Know The Copyright Protection Act & The Infringement Risk

In Malaysia, copyright owners are covered under the Copyright Act 1987, which allows them to sue for damages if there is any copyright infringement. There are copyright guideline resources available online, but if you wish to diagnose your case through a professional IP Lawyer, don’t hesitate to fix an appointment with us by dropping us an email.

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Our lawyers and attorneys are professionals and can provide in depth advice and guidance with regard to copyright infringement matters, copyright filling, protection & enforcement. You can be assured that you would have a peace of mind while working with us, as we will take care of all your IP matters from the beginning till the enforcement phase.

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