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You can be a genius in solving a problem, a creative guy who provides a better solution, but patent is not the thing you should be spending time dealing with. The process of getting your idea & invention registered and protected can be really complicated and time consuming.

Here is where we come into the picture – we give advice to local and foreign inventors or originators on conducting Patent Search, Drafting, Filing and Prosecuting Patent Applications. We guide you through everything you need to know about the patent application process from start to end – all in laymen terms, so that you can understand.

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Our Patent Agent is licensed and registered with Malaysia’s Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO) with experience in court and arbitration proceedings. We would also be able to advise you on the things that are non-patentable and the other options you have.

Avoid Patent Infringement & Avoid Troubles

We know that patent is not a straightforward topic for laymen, or even genius scientists. So a person equipped with the right technical knowledge & in depth understanding about IP can help to cut down the troubles you will have.

Use Your Intellectual Asset The Right Way

Getting your invention to generate income for you is another issue for most inventors. The right network & advice from other partners can determine how far your invention can go, and we have just the right network for you to leverage on.

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Turn Your Invention & Idea Into An Asset

New profitable inventions can be protected by a patent that would grant exclusive rights of the product / process / method or even design only to the Registered Owner. This will give you a monopoly over the market which promises exclusive profits to the company.

If your invention is new (worldwide), non-obvious, innovative and has great market potential, it can be protected by patent registration. Don’t leave a chance to allow other companies also enjoying the fruits yield from the invention created by you. You should protect your intellectual property immediately.

“I Love the Idea of Exclusive Rights to Market! But Am I Qualified?”

Call Us & Tell Us About Your Situation, Our Professional Patent Agent Will Guide You Through All The Options Available For You.

Tell Me How To Proceed From Here

So You Got Involved In A Patent Infringement Issue?

Patent Infringement refers to an act of making, using, selling or offering to sell a patented invention, without permission from the Patent Registered Owner. So What Now?

Someone Used Your Patented Invention

Found someone using your invention & making money out of it without your permission? You should take action to stop this now, but where do you get started? Explore the right way to protect your patented invention together with Chung Chambers today.

You Used Someone Else’s Patented Invention Without Knowing It

It is not the end of the world yet. Get a lawyer to stand on your side and identify your rights. Chung Chambers is good at putting our clients at ease by providing comprehensive advice on issues related to patent infringement, patentability, prior art searches etc.

In Either Scenario, You Will Need Legal Help To Deal With Patent Infringement

“I Need Help With Patent Infringement, What Should I Do?”

Call Us & Tell Us About Your Situation, Our Professional Patent Agent Will Guide You Through All The Options Available For You.

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