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Drafting Corporate Agreements Is Unavoidable!

A Wrong Word Or Structure Chosen May Lead To Major Impact On Business


It does not matter if you are currently a small or medium-sized enterprise or a big corporation, you would agree that your business has a need to make numerous corporate and commercial agreements between various other companies and parties continuously.

If a mistake is made in the way these agreements are drafted and phrased, it will have a major impact on your business. Therefore, it is extremely important that you have an experienced corporate law advisor who is very well-versed in drafting these corporate agreements to review and advise on any major contracts that you may make.

“I Have A Contract From MNC, Project Awarded”

They Made Me Sign This Contract Agreement! Should I?
I Want The Business Very Much! But…I Am Also Scared!

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On-demand Legal Advice Service – Get Help When You Need It At A Reasonable Cost For Your Business

It costs a leg and an arm if you want to hire a full time lawyer to sit in your office to handle legal related issues. But the service is under-utilized because you have limited cases every year for the lawyer to fully perform his professionalism.

An on-demand legal advice service will only charge you if you really need help or advice in legal matters. In return, you pay lesser for the same legal service.

Technical Know-How, A Better Position In IP Strategy, Management & Advisory

An experienced corporate law advisor does require some technical know-how when it comes to Intellectual Property (IP) matters, be it litigious or uncontested matters for Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Design, Copyright, Licensing, Branding, Ownership Assignments, IP Strategy and IP Management.

At Chung Chambers, we have vast technical skills and knowledge in a variety of fields supported by a huge team of Professionals working on a freelance or ad hoc basis with us, be it engineering, medical, chemistry, biomedical, biology and so on; thus, we have an advantage when it comes to IP strategy & advisory cases for both local and international clients.

Engineering expert


All Rounded Services, Experienced in International Dealings & Law

We are good at dealing with overseas lawyers from international government departments and multinational companies when it comes to drafting corporate and commercial agreements, and settling important legal matters in the best interest of the corporation.

With our know-how in the Intellectual Properties field, litigation & arbitration process, our approach to dispute resolution is to achieve the results that fit our clients’ business needs. This includes protecting their interests before initiating proceedings, assisting in negotiating settlements or assessing if arbitration is possible.

Our legal knowledge for Malaysian and overseas jurisdictions also enables us to provide all rounded advice to our clients, and allows us to suggest strategies and alternative resolutions to speed up and maximise recoveries.

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